Turn Your Mac into a Wifi Hot Spot

As more and more technical devices include wifi capabilities, the need for a wireless network in your home is becoming very important.

If you don’t have a wireless router, or are on travel and want to create a Wifi network on the fly, now you can with your Mac and a wired internet connection.

6 Easy Steps to Turn Your Mac into a Wifi Hot Spot

To turn your Mac into a Wifi Hot Spot:

  1. Have a Mac computer connected to a WIRED internet connection
  2. Open System Preferences & navigate to the Sharing section
  3. System Preferences.png
  4. Select Internet Sharing and make sure it is Unchecked
  5. Sharing.png
  6. Set the Share your connection from: option to Built-in Ethernet & check the Airport Option
  7. Sharing-1.png
  8. Select AirPort Options, Name your network, enable encryption, and enter a password.
  9. System Preferences-1.png
  10. Back at the Sharing Site, check Internet Sharing and click Start when the pop-up asks for confirmation
  11. Sharing-2.png

Your Mac should now be sharing your internet connection by broadcasting out a wireless signal and creating a Wifi Hot Spot. You should be able to connect to the Hot Spot by connecting to the network you created and entering in the password for the connection.