Utilizing A Web Based App to Accomplish Goals

When Apple first announced the iPhone, they tried to pitch all of us on the power of web based applications and that an “app store” wasn’t needed. It was almost a year before they finally gave in to media, developer, and consumer pressure and created the App Store that allowed us to purchase and install native apps for our iPhones. The success of the App Store must be more than anything Apple was expecting or they would have planned for it with their initial launch. But, despite the success of native apps, web based applications are still very powerful aspects of iOS devices.

While Google is a perfect example of a company that has created a number of web based mobile apps that are utilized daily by iPhone owners, its always great to see when other companies invest in creating a web based mobile application. One such company is Lifetick. Lifetick allows you to keep track of your goals, stay on top of tasks, and measure your progress. The best part about lifetick however, is their web based app designed for the iPhone.

iphone web app

Like many native apps, the web based app developed by Lifetick allows you to easily access your information, update it, and publish it back to the cloud. In fact, the app itself makes participating in improvement programs like ones run by Eternicom quick and easy. Always know what you’re working on, the progress you’ve made, and what you still have to do no-matter where you are.

The personal management aspect of accomplishing goals has gotten easier thanks to Cloud services and smart utilization of web apps. Lifetick and their application are proof that Apple was on to something when the initially pushed the idea of web based applications for mobile platforms. Maybe its an approach more companies should consider.

If you’re already participating in goal setting and personal improvement programs like those offered by companies like Eternicom, you should seriously consider Lifetick and is web based application to help you keep track of your progress.