Watch Apple’s Media Announcement Live

There has been a lot of hype building up for an announcement tomorrow, and no it’s not BYU’s announcement of Football Independence and departure from the Mountain West Conference on their own BYUtv network. Apple is yet again poised to release updates to their popular products, bring new services to consumers, and convince us yet again that they have created another item that we must have.

We’ve discussed what we’d like to see in Apple’s updated product line, and the features that would make the device a must have app and anxiously await to see what Apple has to offer us. For the first time in a long time, Apple is going to make this announcement easier for us to follow.

In a press release issued this evening, Apple explained that they would provide a live video stream of the September 1 announcement. Now, we won’t need to head to techcrunch, tuaw, or other tech sites to keep up as they blog the announcements as they are spoken by Steve Jobs. Apple is going to bring the event to each and every Snow Leopard, iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad owner that is interested in finding out what Apple wants to talk about.

My guess is that Apple learned their lesson during the WWDC 2010 and the difficulty it was having with its efforts to get through a technical demonstration, especially with so many journalist creating their own network to broadcast the event. Now Apple will have an official broadcast, and many of these sites that thrive off the traffic that is brought to them will have a lot less interest from potential readers.

I know that I’ll be watching the streaming event, which I imagine will be handled by Akamai streaming services and should be able to be streamed to millions of participants with no trouble, and be taking notes of every time Apple announces a feature we have been hoping for.

If you’re interested in seeing Steve Jobs and other Apple employes discuss, demonstrate, and brag about their products then be sure to check in to at 10am PST tomorrow, September 1st 2010.