Netflix – Movies, TV Shows, And More On Your iPhone

It didn’t take Netflix long to bring the solid app that has become so popular on the iPad to Apple’s other mobile devices. Today, Netflix announced their iPhone and iPod Touch app as it was made available on Apple’s App Store.

Like the iPad app, iPhone & iPod owners will be able to stream movies and tv shows from the Netflix Streaming library to their mobile devices. The app itself is free, but you’ll have to have a Netflix subscription to be able to watch the videos. It wasn’t that long ago that Netflix first became available on the Mac, and now its available on Apple’s popular mobile devices.

This recent Netflix push and popularity on Apple’s device makes many believe that Netflix maybe a partner or part of the media announcement coming from Apple HQ on September 1st. An update to the AppleTV that included capabilities from Netflix streaming library would be a valuable addition. Personally, I hope any TV related announcement include Netflix streaming functionality.

We’ve discussed in the past how Apple’s miss on AppleTV was a big gain for Xbox 360 owners. A major part of this had to do with the fact that the Xbox 360 also included the ability to stream video from Netflix. I can’t see Apple successfully entering the living room without Netflix.

The current version of Netflix already has over 1,700 reviews with a 3 and a half our of 4 star rating. It seems that the App itself is as useful as the version that is extremely popular on the iPad. Netflix is also offering a Free trial of their services for iPhone users. Download the app, install and configure, and sign-up for a Netflix account to see how useful the app is.

Netflix, which originally started as just an over the mail rental service has quickly been at the front of the digital distribution of video efforts. They’ve done an excellent job, and I expect them to continue to push forward.

If you haven’t already checked out the Netflix App for your iPhone, iPod, or IPad, now is the time.