What’s My Macbook Worth Now?

Apple - MacBook.pngAs many of you know, Apple announced new and Macbook and Macbook Pro models last week just in time to have the latest model notebooks ready for the Holiday Season. Although Apple made a number of adjustments and improvements to each of the Macbook models, it seems that their pricing structure is of the most interest.

It is true that Apple is now selling a notebook for $999. But, it looks like that Macbook will only be around for as long as Apple has a large inventory of White Macbook cases. The new and improved Notebooks are priced at $1,299 and $1,599 for Macbook and $1,999, $2,499, and $2,799 for Macbook Pros. Its almost as if Apple failed to check the US economy when they were deciding on their new notebook prices. The higher price mark will make it difficult on many during hard economic times. Is Apple trying to keep their notebook marketshare below 5%?

The Apple Tax

In addition to these high prices, some people have started to point out that the Apple Tax for buying an Apple computer seems to be as high as ever. Getting similar systems from other computer manufactures often cost considerably less.

An argument I have used before is that despite paying the “Apple Tax” I often resell my notebooks and with Apple Computers I can sell the computer for very close to the original retail price I paid for it. I always believed that one thing true about Apple computers is that they keep their value. But do they?

Used Macbook

Below is a chart showing original prices for Apple Notebooks, their recently “Used” sale price on Ebay, and the percentage of their original value that the notebooks still hold today. You’ll see below that a Used Macbook Doesn’t cost nearly as much as the new models.


As you can see it seems that Apple notebooks stay close to 60% of their original value, even after 18 months of use. It is comforting to know that I can use a computer for almost two years and still get $.60 on each $1 that I originally spent. If you’re in the market for a used Macbook, be sure that you’re not paying anything over 60% of the originally value, even if its just been used for 6 months or so.

But what I find a bit depressing is it seems that these same notebooks decrease to close 60% of their retail value within the first 6 months of use. Is the resale value of Apple Computers the price the notebooks should be minus the Apple tax? Does the computer I purchase drop 60% just by opening the box?

Have you checked to see what your notebook is worth? Let us know in the comments, or let us know what you’re thinking of paying for the Used Macbook you’re looking to purchase. We’re a great source for telling you if its worth it or not.