Why I Joined 90,000+ Others and Pre-ordered an iPad

Its been a crazy month so far. I’ve had to finish doing my Taxes on a Mac, setup a few new websites for clients, and keep on top of my day job. But with all the craziness going on, I still found the time to pre-order an iPad on March 12th. And I believe the device will be worth every penny.

90,000+ Pre-Order an iPad

Its been reported that more than 90,000 people pre-ordered an iPad on the first day it was available. These 90,000 must agree with me that the iPad is worth the money, since like me, I’m sure a very few have even touched the device.

The iPad is attractive to me in that it is designed to let me do so quickly and easily the things I often use the computer for so much. Browse the web, send emails, and play games. I’ll be honest in that I don’t plan on utilizing the iPad for business purposes or work.

Why The iPad Is Not For Business

The iPad takes all the great entertainment features of the iPhone and makes it bigger, faster, and easier to use. The device is made for an entertainment device. It will be successful as more and more people realize that what they use their personal computers for are checking Facebook, sharing pictures, and watching the latest 3 minute video on YouTube. The iPad is the ultimate device for entertainment.

Don’t let the Apple announcement make you think that this device will be ready for business anytime soon. Even though Apple has spent significant time creating an iPad version of their iWorks software, people won’t ever really use this device for such activity. Its a lot more productive to create word documents on a standard keyboard with an extremely large monitor. I’ll admit that I’ve gotten pretty quick at typing on my iPhone, but the auto-correct and other features still get in the way at time and I spend too much time correcting the auto-correct feature. Such an annoyance while creating work documents would drive me nuts.

The iPad would be strongest for business if it allowed for drawings, if it became a mobile whiteboard that allowed you to quickly share your sketches with others. In fact, I’d love to see this type of app for the iPad, it would at least allow me to keep track of architectural designs and strategies that I was trying to implement.

iPad Video

Apple has made it known that the device will play multiple file types for video. This is a great improvement as it will help eliminate the devices need to have files converted before connected to the iPad.

I’m honestly extremely excited to watch the championship game of the NCAA tournament on my iPad. Until April 3rd though I’ll just resort to watching March Madness on my Mac.

The only downside is that there still isn’t versions of Hulu or Netflix on the iPad. When those become available, the iPad will sell even more than the initial 90,000 in the first day.