Wireless Magic Mouse

After loosing a trademark dispute over the “Mighty Mouse” Apple was set to re-brand the mouse that they sell with each of their desktop computers. But, Apple didn’t just leave the effort in re-branding. Now, an improved and feature reach mouse is available to Mac owners. The new mouse, titled, Wireless Magic Mouse takes everything you know and love about touch technology on your iPhone, Macbooks, and iPod Touch and integrates them into a “buttonless” mouse.

Features of the Wireless Magic Mouse

The most significant feature of the Magic Mouse is its touch motion technology. Swiping forward and backwards helps you move from picture to picture in iPhoto, or from website to website in Safari. You can scroll left or right, up or down by just moving your fingers in the direction you’d like the scroll bar to move. But, the touch technology and buttonless interface isn’t the only aspects of the bluetooth enabled wireless Magic Mouse.

Wireless Magic Mouse

Apple’s new mouse also comes with a laser-tracking engine which makes it so the mouse can be used on almost any surface. I’ve personally been extremely disappointed in the past when I’ve gone to use a mouse and it wasn’t able to function on the surface I was working at.

With this new feature, the need for mouse pads significantly decreased. Additionally, as a bluetooth enabled mouse, you can connect to your Mac without any wires getting in the way and distracting from your work environment. In the modern home, a house free of wires is a must, and the Magic Mouse includes that capability with its Wireless capabilities.

Setting Up Your Wireless Magic Mouse

Installing you wireless magic mouse is as easy as everything else on your Mac. After you’ve purchased your Magic Mouse and have unpackaged it from the box, set it next to the rest of the computer and fire up system preferences. Make sure the mouse is synced to your Mac via bluetooth and then select “Mouse” from the system preference menu.

Magic Mouse - System Preferences

From the menu you can set the sensitivity of the mouse, enable and disable features, and enable two button click functionality. Additional details around swipe technology is available here.

Wireless Magic Mouse Settings

You can see from the picture above that this is also a great location to see the battery level of your Magic Mouse. Knowing this will help you avoid those terrible times when your mouse is out of batteries, and you have no batteries left in your home.

The new Magic Mouse is a huge step up from the Mighty Mouse that had a weak functioning scroll ball and its “two button” click capabilities were lacking. Hopefully, after you get use to the lack of clicks, you’ll be flying around your Mac on the back of the Wireless Magic Mouse.

Looking for Something Different?

If you’re someone that just isn’t interested in the idea of a touch sensitive mouse, there are a number of different mice available to you to select from that work with your Mac. In fact, almost every PC enabled mouse is functional on Apple Computers.

I personal love my jet black with blue glow Death Adder Mouse. It has great form and is extremely light. It will be difficult selecting which mouse to use in the future.