You Gotta See This! For the iPhone

The latest version of the iPhone included a number of upgrades to functionality, speed, and even cameras. While many have focused on the addition of a front facing camera to compliment the standard camera found on iPhones, others have looked closely at the new 5 megapixel still camera on the iPhone. Boinx Software is one such company.

With one of their latest iPhone apps, Boinx has released software that helps take advantage of the power of the iPhone’s camera. Their app, You Gotta See This!, is a camera app that is designed to help you quickly take interesting pictures that are instantly created into collages with an option for a number of different backgrounds. Pictures taken with the app are easily shared through Twitter, Facebook, or Email. The pictures can also be saved to your iPhone photo album and synced with your iPhoto library.

We’ve spent a few weeks with the app, and taken a number of pictures to see the results. We’re very impressed with the use of the app for taking panoramic type pictures and “action” pictures of our children running around. The App was a hit at our family vacation to the beach and we enjoyed the pictures You Gotta See This created of thunderstorms that rolled in during the evening. In fact, the images produced by You Gotta See This! remind me of the artistic work of a young artists selling his collages of famous Washington D.C. landmarks.

Taking full advantage of the application took a few tries with the camera and the way it shot and stored the images that were created but we were extremely pleased with the final results. I’ve personally found that the wider and longer the image shot process is the more impressive the collages were.

Overall, You Gotta See This! is a fun app that helps create interesting images and allows you to skip the process of creating the collages on your own. Its a great addition to traditional camera use on the phone and is great for sharing images quickly across your social network. It is available on the iTunes App Store for $1.99.