About Us

In early 2008, I started Maciverse to share thoughts, hints, tips, and secrets on using Apple products with anyone interested.

We agreed that the best way to do this would be through a website that posted new information and provided a way for people to communicate to help share other hints and tips.  Since everything we hoped to talk about would be related to Macs and other Apple products we combined “Mac” with “Universe” to find Maciverse.

Maciverse.com is a site dedicated to all things Apple and those that use Apple products.  Here at Maciverse, we’ll share interesting ways to get the most out of your Macs, iPhones, iPods, AppleTV, and anything else Apple decides to make.  Additionally we’ll comment on current Apple news and products.

Meet Our Staff

Dan Hinckley – Founding editor and key contributor to Maciverse.com.  Having owned a number of Apple products over the years, Dan does his best to help new users find out more about the latest and greatest applications and hardware that Apple produces.  He is an experienced IT consultant and loves the web.

Brian Patterson – Brian is a new Apple Cult convert, having first bought the MacBook Air in November of 2010. An IT consultant by trade, he focuses on Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, and other cool stuff on the interwebs.