A.I. is Everywhere, Even Entertainment

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Artificial intelligence is an integral part of our routines, careers, and even relationships. Someone out there – likely, hundreds of someones – are waking up to Alexa’s good morning alarm, trusting Google to run their self-driving car’s navigation system, and using Siri to send a hands-free text to a loved … Read more

What’s the Likelihood Your Data Has Been Compromised?


Working from home has presented Americans (and people all over the world) with a new set of cybersecurity issues. When we’re working at the office, it’s a bit easier to maintain data security and privacy with our online activities. Some offices are equipped with extra safety measures that protect both … Read more

A New Study Shows the Most Socially Connected States

Months into social distancing due to COVID-19, all Americans have been navigating a digital lifestyle.  Everything from meetings to birthdays to dating has been taken online turning daily routines into challenges to connect.  On the bright side, Americans certainly have plenty of practice with social networking which they have been … Read more

The 6 Most Passive Aggressive Phrases You Can Use in an Email

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Business communication is typically categorized by formal language and professional discussion, but we’re all human, and sometimes our frustrations spill over into our correspondence. Of course, the dictates of professionalism don’t allow us to just say what’s on our mind, so instead, most people resort to the use of a … Read more