March Maciverse Giveaway Winner

A little over a month ago we announced our sponsored monthly giveaway featuring an iPad nano, TikTok Watch Kit, ZAGGSparq, and ZAGGsmartbudds. Its been an exciting month with hundreds of individuals from around the world entering into the giveaway and registering for the Maciverse Newsletter. The Newsletter will provide interesting tips, hints, and ways to save on Apple products and accessories.

Now, we’d like to announce our first winner! Congrats to Grant Hodson from New Zealand!

We’ve already reached out to Grant to get his contact information and will be shipping him the products in the next few days. If you haven’t already registered for the monthly giveaway do so now for your chance to win. Head over to our giveaway announcement page for specific details or enter by signing up for our newsletter below.

We’d also like to thank ZAGG for their sponsorship of this giveaway. ZAGG makes great accessories for Apple products and has some of the best customer service in the industry. Head over to to check out the products they offer and find out more about the products they’re including in the Maciverse Monthly Giveaway.