iWeb Templates


We’ve written a number of iWeb articles here on Maciverse that discuss different ways to add functionality and features to iWeb. Although adding features and capabilities (forms on iWeb) can be very beneficial to you as you develop your iWeb based site, sometimes you may just be looking for an iWeb template that has all the look and feel you need.

If this is what you’re looking for then you should head over to the iWeb Template collection.

iWebtemplate.com provides a number of templates that in a variety of categories. It shouldn’t be difficult to find a template that fits what you’d like to do with your website.

While most of the templates provided by the site cost around $10, the site does offer template bundles for individuals looking to get a bit more for their dollar. While offered at a bargain, purchasing template bundles will only be beneficial if you have a number of sites you are creating, or are not positive the one you are picking will be the one you want to end up using on your iWeb site.

Some of the iWeb Template categories at iWebtemplate.com include business, education, family, and photography. The built in photo and slideshow features make iWeb a great option for photographers interested in showing off their portfolio.

iWeb Photography Templates may also be a great option for individuals interested in sharing their video portfolio. iWeb provides a solid option for displaying a collection of video clips on the internet.

If paying for themes and templates isn’t for you, finding a collection of free iWeb templates may be difficult. At least one free iweb template has been found, and others may also be available across the internet if you’re willing to spend the time seeking them out.

If you’re interested in creating your own custom templates, you can follow iWeb Template Creation steps. This guide will be a bit more complicated for the average user, but offers a lot of value if you’re thinking of creating the perfect, custom site, just for you!

You may also consider taking this training course for iWeb to make sure that you’re taking complete advantage of all the features available in the software.

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