Google Maps on Your iPhone 5

Google Map on iOS 6

When Apple released the iPhone 5 and had it preloaded with their latest operating system iOS 6 many owners were surprised to find that the native Google Maps app they had become accustomed to on all previous versions of the iPhone was gone. In its place was a new, custom … Read more

Configuring iCloud on Your iOS 5 Device

One of the best features of iOS 5 is syncing your Apple devices via the cloud with Apple’s iCloud service. iCloud allows you to automatically keep important information in sync across all your Apple devices. When you first instal iOS 5 it will ask you to setup iCloud for the … Read more

Buy OS X Lion on USB from Apple

When we first talked about the release of OS X Lion and how it was only available via download from the Mac App Store, one of the consistent comments we received was from individuals with slower internet access that did not feel it was feasible to download an entire operating … Read more

Japan Apple Stores as Disaster Headquarters

I’d like to think that many companies were as generous as Apple Japan was during the recent earthquake/tsunami disasters, but I’m not sure how they could be. With Apple’s unique store setup (room for lots of people, fast internet, urban location) making them ideally suited for being disaster relief headquarters, … Read more

The iPad 2 Has Cameras! Hurray?

We asked for cameras on the iPad 2. Apple threw us a bone and complied. But, why the alleged poor quality? Does it matter? Don’t get me wrong, Steve. We’re all glad you answered the call. After all, we can now FaceTime each other and do our part to keep turning back … Read more