5 Best Relationship Apps

We’ve all witnessed Anthony Weiner destroying his relationship via twitter, but what about those smartphone apps that can actually help couples improve their love life? There are plenty to choose from and they’re a fun, frivolous addition to the more sensible apps on your phone or mobile device. Tinder Tinder … Read more

How To Make Your Computer Speak To You

Here’s how you can make your MacBook speak to you. (I’m working with a 2013 MacBook Air and I’ve got  iOS 10.8.4.) Go to system preferences in the tool bar.   Click Dictation & Speech Choose the Text to Speech tab Check box “speak selected text when the key is … Read more

The Investment Time Machine

How much money would you have today if you’d invested in Apple years ago? The answer is: A WHOLE LOT. In 1990, the Macintosh Classic sold for $1500. That was a considerable amount of money for an electronic at the time, but cost less than earlier models, which appealed to … Read more

Have Siri Read To You

For me, one of the most exciting features of Siri on the iPhone was the ability for the phone to read back to you your text messages. The introduction ad that Apple released where they showed a runner instructing Siri to read back to him a new text message won … Read more

Google Maps on Your iPhone 5

Google Map on iOS 6

When Apple released the iPhone 5 and had it preloaded with their latest operating system iOS 6 many owners were surprised to find that the native Google Maps app they had become accustomed to on all previous versions of the iPhone was gone. In its place was a new, custom … Read more

The Top New Features of iOS 6

iOS 6 has been available only to developers for the past few months but the new operating system will arrive soon for all Apple mobile product owners. The new operating system will be available on most of the latest Apple products, including the fourth generation iPod touch, third generation iPad, … Read more

A Mountain Lion Is Coming

A Mountain Lion is an incredibly beautiful animal. I’ve had an opportunity to see a few in my life and have always been amazed by them. The cat, often called a cougar, is found throughout the Rocky Mountains and is a king predator in that region. And while Mountain Lion’s … Read more