Win an iPod Nano, TikTok Watch, and More!

Its no secret that the team here at Maciverse loves Apple products and accessories. We love them so much that we have decided to team up with ZAGG to give away a collection of great products and accessories each month. On the first of each month for the rest of … Read more

Voice-activated, Small iPhone is Gimmicky

Voice activation on most things digital sucks. It takes months to train it to your voice, it’s not fast enough to keep up with anything but clear, measured speech and is useless if the user has to touch or press a button to activate it. We’d all like our phones … Read more

Flawed Print Mentality + iPad Format = The Daily

The Daily is Rupert Murdoch’s endeavor to transform an old media into a new format on the iPad. It sounded it good in theory, but this facile attempt has proven that doing things the old way won’t be without new problems. In this case, big problems. Want to know something … Read more

Safari and iTunes – together forever?

I’m an Apple software fan. I dig Safari, have zero problems with iTunes and have used Mail since it was released. While options definitely do exist, and many people consider them better, I’ve almost always had a more pleasant, overall experience in using Apple’s version of whatever I need. But … Read more

Four Reasons To Wait for the iPhone 5

Everyone knows that the iPhone 4 is going to be making its debut on Verizon Wireless within the next week, and many people are excited about it. What some people might not be aware of, however, is that the iPhone 5 could be but a few months away from being … Read more

6 Things I Hate About Android

To some, it might come as a shock that I’m an avid Android user. The Droid X has been my primary phone for several months now, and it has gotten the job done. And while that is true, it doesn’t mean I love everything there is about the phone. In … Read more