The 6 Most Passive Aggressive Phrases You Can Use in an Email

typing email

Business communication is typically categorized by formal language and professional discussion, but we’re all human, and sometimes our frustrations spill over into our correspondence. Of course, the dictates of professionalism don’t allow us to just say what’s on our mind, so instead, most people resort to the use of a … Read more

An Overview of Popular Dating Apps

The world of dating and relationships has changed dramatically as mobile technology innovations have continued to evolve. Many relationships, both long-term and casual, now start online, specifically on dating apps. There’s plenty of them out there, so let’s take a look at four of the most popular dating apps today … Read more

Japan Apple Stores as Disaster Headquarters

I’d like to think that many companies were as generous as Apple Japan was during the recent earthquake/tsunami disasters, but I’m not sure how they could be. With Apple’s unique store setup (room for lots of people, fast internet, urban location) making them ideally suited for being disaster relief headquarters, … Read more

You should be using Full Text RSS Feed

I love Google Reader. Combined with Reeder for iPhone/iPad, I’m able to keep up with daily postings of nearly 200 websites. It’s what I read when I’m bored, looking to be inspired or just want to keep up with daily goings on. (RSS is a web protocol that most if … Read more

Steve Jobs and The Cost Of Fame

Being famous seems like it would be awesome. Access to places most of us could only dream of, (usually) plenty of money and the ability to never have to ask “what do you think of what I’m doing” ever again. In exchange for this, famous people give up quite a … Read more

When will MobileMe Stop Sucking?

I love MobileMe. At times. Some of its features are so very simple and helpful I absolutely do not want to live without them. The over-the-air syncing works great for me and Backup is a great way to keep my most important data archived every night. I especially love my … Read more

Voice-activated, Small iPhone is Gimmicky

Voice activation on most things digital sucks. It takes months to train it to your voice, it’s not fast enough to keep up with anything but clear, measured speech and is useless if the user has to touch or press a button to activate it. We’d all like our phones … Read more