You should be using Full Text RSS Feed

I love Google Reader. Combined with Reeder for iPhone/iPad, I’m able to keep up with daily postings of nearly 200 websites. It’s what I read when I’m bored, looking to be inspired or just want to keep up with daily goings on.

(RSS is a web protocol that most if not all blogs, and many regular sites, use to allow subscribers to be sent new content instead of having to constantly check their site. It’s available in a reader like Google Reader or via email. I prefer Google Reader because it syncs with my iPhone app Reeder, so I don’t have to manage read content twice.)

But some websites, especially those that serve ads on site, truncate their RSS feeds, offering only a summary of their posts. I then have to click out of my reader to their site, not click on the ads and read the content. This is very annoying. Most of the time I refuse to subscribe to feeds that are truncated, either out of principle or because the content usually isn’t that fantastic, but every once in a while the content is so good I’ll grudgingly deal with it.

This usually makes me resent the author and I often delete the feed within a week. But now with Full Text RSS Feed, my problems are solved.

Full Text RSS Feed takes the truncated RSS feed and gives me a new, full one. No ads to deal with (though I would gladly accept ads in a full feed) and no formatting issues. It looks great on Google Reader and Reeder, and I assume works exactly the same for anything that accepts RSS feeds.

If you’re not familiar with RSS feeds, I highly recommend that you start using something like Google Reader. It makes reading content from multiple websites much, much easier and keeps your inbox clear for “funny” forwards from family members.