Which MacBook (Pro, Air) Is Next For You (okay, me)?

iPad 2 sounds like a hit. *too fast to be slow, slightly condescending golf clap*

Hope all of you are as happy as you hoped. I bet that iPad 2 will change your lives. But I’m not here to talk about the iPad, iPad 2 or 3. I’m here to talk Macs, and more specifically, what makes sense as the best upgrade for me.

I’m selling my car. Not to buy a computer, but because I’m tired of the upkeep and gas on a car I just don’t drive enough. I’m buying a scooter and likely upgrading my 13.3″ MacBook Pro with the money. But I need your help, because I don’t know what to get next.

Do I get the new 13.3″ MacBook Pro?
The new MBP gets a decent processor bump, an improved graphics card and that fancy Silverhawks or ThunderCats or Thunderbolt port or whatever. Is that not cool? I’m not sure I want a piece of that machine, though it would be the most logical upgrade from my existing model.

Do I get a 13.3″ MacBook Air?
Great battery life, only a slight drop in processor speed from what I’m currently using and a huge overall speed increase because I would get the SSD instead of the slower HD. Battery life would be the same as my current MBP, and I’d up the resolution. I’d also lose 1.5lbs in my backpack. But I’d also lose my Firewire port and that alone is definitely a deal breaker. Damn.

Do I get an iMac?
Huge screen, much larger storage options and better graphics card than my current MBP. But I hate desktops, so no.

Do I get a 15″ MBP?
Big processor upgrade, powerful graphic card options and a lot more screen real estate. But the problem that I had before with the 15″ and 17″ still remains: it’s far too much computer for me and 95% of the people out there who use computers. The size and weight hit for someone who likes to be portable in no way justifies the speed and power increases. Or does it? Man, I thought I had this one figured out.

Anyone out there have suggestions? Maybe I should get an iPad 2 with a keyboard? 11.6″ MBA?