ZAGGSparq Review – The Portable iPhone Charger

ZAGG, the maker of invisibleshield and sponsor of the Maciverse Monthly Giveaway, recently sent us a ZAGGSparq to use and play with. The device itself is designed to to be a portable iPhone charger, iPad charger, and iPod charger that holds up to 4 charges to help you keep your devices fully charged while on the go. But the ZAGGSparq doesn’t just charge Apple products, it also successfully charged other smart phones and devices that can replenish battery life through a USB connection.

Portable-iPhone-Charger.jpgThe ZAGGSparq is more than just a simple extended battery as it holds up to 4 full iPhone 4 recharges. It features two ports, one optimized for fast charges while the other features a general or normal USB charge. We found that both ports worked with multiple device types but ZAGG recommends that the Optimized port be used with Smart Phones and Apple products.

You can recharge the ZAGGSparg by simply plugging it into any wall outlet and waiting until all 4 charges are filled. Pressing the button on the site will activate the indicator light detailing if the device is fully loaded. If all 4 lights light up, all four charges are loaded and ready for you to utilize the ZAGGSparq on the go.

We first tested the device over a weekend, using just the ZAGGSparq to charge 2 iphones and by Monday, both our iPhone 4s still read 100% battery life and the recharger was finally running out of juice. Its an impressive device and a must have now for me and my family on any long road trips or vacations. We didn’t try taking this through Airport Security yet, but I imagine that you wouldn’t have any trouble with it.

Check out the video made by ZAGG for more details on the device.