How Long Does An iMac Last?

iMacs last between 3 and 10 years, depending on how they are used and maintained. iMacs are known for their sleek design, powerful performance, and ease of use. But before considering buying one, you may be wondering how to make the iMac last. After all, an iMac is an investment, … Read more

How To Use Your Wiimote As Your Mouse

I came across an application that enables the use of your Nintendo Wiimote on your Mac. DarwiinRemote can be downloaded at Its a small application that uses both the motion sensors or the IR sensors to allow you to navigate around MacOS as you would with your mouse. 1. … Read more

Clean Your iPad Screen

One of the initial concerns for many iPad owners is how quickly iPad screens appear to fill with finger prints and smudge marks. Apple’s beautiful line of iPads look a bit less appealing when its covered in smudge marks and oily finger prints. When showing off the device, and to … Read more

Magic Trackpad Gestures, Tips, & Tricks

It is no secret, Apple believes in touch interfaces. It is almost as if they were inspired by the computer interfaces shown in the movie Minority Report in 2002. Since the success of their iPhone touch interface Apple has introduced more and more touch devices. They’ve improved gesture techniques and … Read more

How To Upgrade iMac Memory

A common complaint against iMacs is that you can’t upgrade the components in the device easily. Instead, you’re stuck with a devices that continually gets slower and less responsive when a few new parts would give the entire computer that much more time as a primary computer. Much of that … Read more

Should I Buy an iPad 2

I’ll be honest, I’ve already purchased an iPad 2. However, I still find myself wondering if I made the right decision. I’m sure that I’m not the only one asking this question. I imagine many of you reading this article find your self contemplating if you should join the tablet … Read more

The iPad 2 Has Cameras! Hurray?

We asked for cameras on the iPad 2. Apple threw us a bone and complied. But, why the alleged poor quality? Does it matter? Don’t get me wrong, Steve. We’re all glad you answered the call. After all, we can now FaceTime each other and do our part to keep turning back … Read more