Clean Your iPhone Screen

I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised when I initially did research into finding the best way to clean your iPad screen and found that it was highly recommended to not use cleaning products. I had previously thought that a window or screen cleaner would work great for cleaning … Read more

ReInstalling OS X on Macbook Air

When Apple released the Macbook Air many questioned their belief that many people no longer need a CD or DVD drive on their notebooks. While others focused on the notebooks lack of ability to quickly play DVD media or import the latest audio CD tracks, I was more concerned with … Read more

iPhone: Sync your Safari Bookmarks

There have been a number of recent articles describing the way that consumers user their iPhone. Interestingly enough, compared to normal smartphone users iPhone users talk less and browse the web more then their counterparts. In fact: “iPhone owners spend the time they use their iPhones engaged in voice calls … Read more

Mac + Wii + HDTV = MacWiiTV

We’ve discussed in previous articles about how we wanted a little more from AppleTV and mentioned how to create a more powerful media center. One item that adds some additional enjoyment to your media center is the Nintendo Wii. We also mentioned ways to sync up your wiimote to your … Read more

Time Capsule vs. Airport Extreme

Our home wireless network has undergone several changes. We adopted early to a pre 802.11n router provided by Belkin. I refer to those as the bad old days where our wireless signal would drop at the slightest hint of traffic. Eventually, we replaced our Belkin router with a new Airport … Read more