The iPhone 4: Born to Break

The iPhone 4 is a beautiful device, I’ll give it that.  I’m an Android guy, I love the Nexus line of phones, and I have … Read more

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Buy An Unlocked iPhone

I have always been a huge fan of the iPhone. It won me over when I first watched Steve Jobs announce the amazing smart phone … Read more

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iPad 2 Case by Mivizu

Its rare that you’ll ever see an iPhone or an iPad without a case. One of the first things people invest in after purchasing an … Read more

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Mac Mini & HDMI Sound

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing out a Mac Mini entertainment system.  I don’t watch nearly as much TV as the average individual … Read more

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Should I Buy an iPad 2

I’ll be honest, I’ve already purchased an iPad 2. However, I still find myself wondering if I made the right decision. I’m sure that I’m … Read more