HDHomeRun Review – TV On Every Mac

It’s been almost 10 months since I fired my cable company. I’ll be honest, I’ve only missed having cable on a few occasions. Instead, I’ve been able to configure my home in a way that lets me pay less and still receive almost all of the benefits that I took … Read more

iMac Clones Are Here

Over the past year Apple has been fighting in courts around the world to keep Samsung devices out of international markets because they believe they violate Apple’s patents and look to similar to the iPhone and iPad. I’m sure the last thing Apple thought would happen would be that another … Read more

What to do with a Fraying Mac Power Adapter

Fraying power adapter Closeup

I got my first Mac about 14 months ago – a MacBook Air.  Its a great laptop that I use for almost everything, and I’ve found it superior to my old Dell Powerbook in almost every way imaginable.  But being a new Mac convert, I wasn’t hip to the proper way … Read more

The iPhone 4: Born to Break

The iPhone 4 is a beautiful device, I’ll give it that.  I’m an Android guy, I love the Nexus line of phones, and I have no intention of ever buying an iPhone, so there’s my bias.  Thats not to say that I hate the iPhone.  I would definitely recommend the iPhone for … Read more

Buy An Unlocked iPhone

I have always been a huge fan of the iPhone. It won me over when I first watched Steve Jobs announce the amazing smart phone during one of his famous keynotes. I was even more impressed when I got my first iPhone and was able to do so much on … Read more

iPad 2 Case by Mivizu

Its rare that you’ll ever see an iPhone or an iPad without a case. One of the first things people invest in after purchasing an Apple mobile device is the case to help protect it. Cases aren’t just used to help protect the device, but they’re also used to help … Read more

Is the iPad 2 Smart Cover For You?

iPad 2 Smart Cover Review

Like most of their recent products, the iPad 2 is a success and has already sold over 4 million times across the world. Individuals from all different industries are purchasing the device and using it continually. Apple can contribute some of this huge success to the low price point that … Read more

Mac Mini & HDMI Sound

Over the past few weeks I’ve been testing out a Mac Mini entertainment system.  I don’t watch nearly as much TV as the average individual and since I discovered that ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and ESPNU are all available as streaming products through Verizon Fios, I decided I should test out … Read more