Hands-on With The Next Generation of Macbooks

We here at Maciverse have already had some hands-on time with the Macbook Air, but I’m about to toss in my two cents in as well. After spending some time with Apple’s latest and greatest, I can definitely say that I have my fascinations and reservations about it. So let’s … Read more

The Rise (and Total Domination) of the iPad

The iPad is dominating with 95 percent of the tablet computing market under Apple’s control. Not exactly shocking, right? What is shocking, though, is that there is a 5 percent of the market that isn’t controlled by the iPad. I didn’t even know there was anything else out there worth … Read more

iPad adieu – Goodbye to TyPad

TyPad, we hardly knew ye. After nearly six months as an owner of a WiFi, 32gig iPad, my girlfriend and I bid adieu to the tablet that I thought worthy of trading my tylerhurst.com domain for. While I’m happy the other Tyler Hurst finally has his own domain name (his … Read more

How To Install Apple’s Magic Trackpad

Many analysts would agree that Apple’s notebooks have one of the best, if not the best, trackpads in the industry. The multitouch input device is extremely user friendly, filled with advanced features, and even fun to use. Apple’s Trackpads are larger than those found on most other notebooks and after … Read more