Verizon iPhone 4 Case: Mivizu Alien Case Review

I’ll admit that I love cases for Apple products. Its an easy way to show some personality and protect the products we all love. Too often we see cases and protective skins that distract from the award winning design of Apple products like the iPad and iPhone 4. Lucky for me, every now and then we’re sent a case that allows you to show personality and match the amazing design of the product the cases are protecting. The Verizon iPhone 4 Alien Case by Mivizu is just such a case.

Verizon-iPhone-4-Case.jpgI wasn’t the first in my home to see the Red and Black hard case that Mivizu had sent us this week. My wife called me to let me know that we had received a packed and that it looked like one of the best cases we’d received to review. When I got home and had a chance to look at the case and place my iPhone in it, I had to agree with her.

Unlike the many free cases that Apple provided to individuals during their “Antenna” issues, the case provided by Mivizu is made with quality material and actually feels like it will protect your phone. The case does add a bit of weight to the phone, but I’ve always felt that was needed for the iPhone 4. Additionally, the back design of the case helps the Apple log stand out while adding a bit of color to your phone. The product comes in a number of colors include Red, Pink, Blue, and Black. Match the color that best fits your personality and you’ll enjoy Mivizu’s superior design that will help make your iPhone stand out again.

The Verizon iPhone 4 Case is currently available on the Mivizu website for $24 and can be ordered today. Be sure to pick one up to protect your Verizon iPhone as soon as you’re able to get the Verizon iPhone.