Video: MacBook Air versus MacBook Pro in a Restart Speed Test

Let me introduce myself briefly so you have some frame of reference on who this article and video are coming from.  I’m not really an Apple guy; up until last week, the only Apple products I ever owned were a 2nd Gen iPod and the most recent iPod Nano.  While I’ve always had a sort of an appreciation for Mac computers, I just never really felt like learning a new OS and I was also turned off a bit by the fanboy-ism.  Besides that, I’m trying really hard to do everything in the browser these days so as not to be tied down to any particular machine.  I love me some cloud.

macbook air restart speed, Steve Jobs

My wife has been bugging me to get a new laptop because she’s sick of splitting time with me on it at night when we’re just hanging out.  I hang out with Dan, the guy who started Maciverse, a good bit… and he wore me down enough to consider getting the Air.  I’ll admit, the MacBook Air is the first Apple computer that really caught my eye from launch, so I figured I’d head down the street to take a look at them.

While in Best Buy, I noticed the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air were right next to eachother, so I did a restart on both of them and watched what happened.  I really couldn’t believe the results, so I did it again (since both had just been restared), and this time recorded it.  The video below are the results.  Pretty amazing.

What you see in this video is what convinced me, a guy very skeptical and cynical of Mac, to get a MacBook Air.  Oh yeah… and the whole 2 pound thing; its so light its ridiculous.  So here’s to learning this crazy OS and jumping on a bandwagon 5 years after everyone else.