It’s Time To Fix Apple’s Confusing Product Lineup

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Apple’s products have a somewhat odd pricing structure. But why is this so? For a company that has prided itself on keeping things simple, they certainly have created a complex situation for consumers. Where do you even begin? In order … Read more

Microsoft: From Tech Almighty To Epic Catastrophe

Microsoft has been king of the desktop for nearly two decades. But then something happened — while the rest of the world found prosperity in the mobile revolution, Microsoft lost its way. Apple, in particular, revolutionized industries and changed the game for what a computing device could look and feel … Read more

Apple’s Next Move To Retain Music Dominance?

Music sales accounted for $1.24 billion in revenue for Apple in the fourth quarter of 2010. Sounds impressive, but it actually only accounts for a small amount of the overall picture. Apple, theoretically, could survive without music sales altogether, but it doesn’t mean that it is time to give up … Read more

How Will We Survive The Post-PC World?

No, it isn’t the Apocalypse — and I’m sure the loss of life will be minimal — but the world without PCs seems like a terrifying thing. No more command lines, filesystems, customizations, and tweaks? Can we cope with such drastic changes? The PC is dying. But don’t take my … Read more

Game Industry: Adapt, Or Apple Will Destroy You

What do Rovio, Firemint, Gameloft, PopCap Games, Backflip Studios, and Spacetime Studios have in common? They are game developers that have taken the concept of a modern-day video game and rendered it onto a screen no larger than the palm of our hands. Oh, and they just so happen to … Read more

Ultimate Productivity App Showdown: OmniFocus

Managing tasks can be a difficult thing for people living in the digital age. There is an incredible amount of information always seeking to distract us, causing a loss in focus. But two applications on Mac OS X seek to help us regain our productivity: Things and OmniFocus. Which one … Read more