How to Set The Default Web Browser in MacOS

To set the default web browser in MacOS open system preferences, select general, and then select the browser from the Default Web Browser drop down option. For detailed instructions or reasons you may want to change the default web browser in MacOS continue reading below. For the vast majority of … Read more

How To Get Photo Booth On Your Mac

It’s been over 10 years since Apple announced their Photo Booth software but the simple application remains on every Mac sold today. While it use to hold a prominent position in the dock, the Photo Booth application is now a few clicks a way. It’s installed by default on every … Read more

Four Reasons to Ditch Cable

hand controlling remote with netflix on the tv in the background

The way we watch television has drastically changed over the past few years. From fuzzy, black-and-white-only entertainment to crystal clear 3D images, the quality of content delivered to audiences has certainly improved. On top of that, viewers now have several options on how they watch their favorite television shows and … Read more

Five Home Security Technologies

close up of a door latch locked

Safety in the home has always been a concern. The home is where people should feel the most protected and sheltered, though this can be an easy target for criminals. With burglary odds as high as 1 in 14 in some cities, people have every right to be paranoid.  Luckily, … Read more

Fitness and Meditation Apps to Keep You on Track in 2018

If you’re like most Americans, your New Year’s resolutions include goals for getting fit, eating better and/or reducing your stress. Unfortunately, if you’re like most Americans, you also ditch your resolutions by the end of January. According to founder Ilchi Lee, “finding your true value comes not from knowledge, but … Read more