How To Get Photo Booth On Your Mac

It’s been over 10 years since Apple announced their Photo Booth software but the simple application remains on every Mac sold today. While it use to hold a prominent position in the dock, the Photo Booth application is now a few clicks a way. It’s installed by default on every OS version including MacOS Monterey.

If you can’t find Photo Booth right away when using a Mac, here are a few places that you can look to find it on your computer.

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Find Photo Booth Through Launchpad

The most recent versions of MacOS include the Launchpad icon in the dock. The Launchpad icon has 9 colored squares and looks like this:

MacOS Launchpad Icon

Click the Launchpad icon to open up a list of all the Applications in your Applications folder. From here you should be able to quickly find the Photo Booth application. Or you can start typing Photo Booth in the search bar.

Find Photo Booth via Launchpad

Find Photo Booth In The Applications Folder

Another way to access the Photo Booth app on your Mac is through the Applications folder. To access the Applications folder:

  1. Open Finder
  2. On the left hand side click Applications
  3. Click the Name column to organize apps by name
  4. Scroll down to P to find the Photo Booth app
Get Photo Booth on your Mac in the Applications Folder

If you don’t see the Photo Booth app in your applications folder it means someone has removed it. To get it back, typically you’ll need to reinstall the OS as Apple doesn’t make the Photo Booth app available via the App Store for Macs. However, you can download Photo Booth to your iPad.