SecondBar, a Menu Bar for your Second Monitor, is Awesome.

Working on a laptop screen is a pain.  I find it impossible to get a lot of productive work done on a laptop screen without hooking up an external monitor.  Its particularly bad now that I’ve switched to a smaller MacBook Air with a 13.3″ screen from a big ‘ol Dell I was using before.  Sure, when I’m traveling I make do on my small 13.3″ screen, but when I’m at a desk, I go right for the cord to connect the 2nd monitor to give myself some more working space.

As part of my transition from PC to Mac, it took some time to get used to the Mac Menu bar as it isn’t a 1:1 relationship with the Windows Start Bar.  The Mac menubar contains all of the options for the active program window, whereas these options are self-contained in Windows programs.  So naturally, when I drug other open programs into my 2nd monitor window, I expected the program options to go with them.  But, no luck, as they stay with the menubar on the primary screen.

So I went digging for a solution to get the menu bar on my additional monitor.  What I found was SecondBar, and it does exactly what you’d expect.  It adds an additional bar to your external monitor.  And, in fact, it seems to support more than just 2 monitors (although I haven’t tested this).  If you’ve run it with three monitors, please let us know in the comments.

You can download the software from the developers website here.  He says try it at your own risk because its fairly new in its development lifecycle.  With that said, I’ve used it now for 2 months with no problems, so I think its worth a shot.

This is a pic of my setup with a Macbook Air as the primary screen and an LG monitor as my second screen.  Not a great pic, but you can see how SecondBar looks.  Give it a try and let us know how you far!

Menu bar for additional Mac Monitor