The 4 Best Sobriety Apps

Getting sober is a tough task. No matter how hard you try there will always be temptations. But you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with the temptations of alcohol and the fallouts from alcohol related incidents such as issues with family and friends, respect for yourself, DWI’s, etc. Yet … Read more

The Impact of Technology on the Health Industry

A few decades ago the laptop that I am currently using to type this article and the laptop you are likely using to read this would not have been available to us. It may seem like centuries ago, but the first laptop was actually developed in the 80s. Since that … Read more

Top 3 Foodie-Friendly Apps for Dining Out

The number of apps out there today is endless. It seems like every minute there is something new being offered in the iTunes store. But for those foodies out there who want to make the most of their dining experience, there are dozens of applications you can download on your … Read more

Microsoft & Macs

One of the most interesting scenes in the infamous TV movie “Pirates of Silicone Valley” is Steve Jobs sharing the news that Microsoft and Bill Gates was committing to continue developing Microsoft products for Macs during Apple’s most dire days.  After being exiled from his company while competing with Bill … Read more

App Review: Sir Octopus

I recently came across an entertaining app while looking through the App Store with my 7 year old son. Sir Octopus, is a game designed for children aged 4 and older that lets you take “Sir Octopus” through a maze to gather up all his kids. The game is a … Read more

App Review: Dash and Bash

Game apps are difficult to get right.  Some are too easy while others are too hard or lack interesting context to keep you playing.  However when I come across a game which gets it right I’m hooked for hours.  Dash & Bash is a game that got me hooked.  It’s … Read more

Tales of Pirates for iOS

As a parent I am always working to make my kids happy while at the same time hoping that the happiness I bring them includes a bit of learning and discovery.  One thing that is great about the iPhone and iPad is that the apps developed on them are often … Read more