App Review: Sir Octopus

I recently came across an entertaining app while looking through the App Store with my 7 year old son. Sir Octopus, is a game designed for children aged 4 and older that lets you take “Sir Octopus” through a maze to gather up all his kids. The game is a … Read more

Motion Backgrounds – Sandy Beach 3D

About 8 months ago I moved my family down to Florida. One of the best things about living down in a tropical climate is being just a few minutes away from the beach at all times. I love finding excuses to work outside, especially during the winter months, and I’m … Read more

App Review: Tonido

I love movies and music.  I have a DVD collection that is so large it fills multiple 100 DVD cases.  I’ll admit that I shutter when I think about how much I’ve spent on movies over the past 10 years.  I’ve recently been spending time working on converting that DVD … Read more

Google Maps on Your iPhone 5

Google Map on iOS 6

When Apple released the iPhone 5 and had it preloaded with their latest operating system iOS 6 many owners were surprised to find that the native Google Maps app they had become accustomed to on all previous versions of the iPhone was gone. In its place was a new, custom … Read more

Configuring iCloud on Your iOS 5 Device

One of the best features of iOS 5 is syncing your Apple devices via the cloud with Apple’s iCloud service. iCloud allows you to automatically keep important information in sync across all your Apple devices. When you first instal iOS 5 it will ask you to setup iCloud for the … Read more

Buy OS X Lion on USB from Apple

When we first talked about the release of OS X Lion and how it was only available via download from the Mac App Store, one of the consistent comments we received was from individuals with slower internet access that did not feel it was feasible to download an entire operating … Read more

OS X Lion Parental Controls

OS X Lion is right around the corner and one of the most important capabilities for parents is to how they’ll be able to control the ways their computers are used by their children. Like previous versions of OS X, Apple has included Parental Controls in the latest version of … Read more

Sponsor Review – Disk Drill

One of the worst possible things that can happen to any individual using a Mac is the inadvertent or accidental loss of files. A few years ago my Uncle was working with his Mac and decided that it would be a good time to clean up some files. During the … Read more