The 4 Best Sobriety Apps

Getting sober is a tough task. No matter how hard you try there will always be temptations. But you’re not alone. Many of us struggle with the temptations of alcohol and the fallouts from alcohol related incidents such as issues with family and friends, respect for yourself, DWI’s, etc. Yet in this digital media age, there are plenty of ways to help yourself. Here are four of the best sobriety apps to help can help you whether you are trying to remain sober, cut back, or just keep track of alcohol intake.

12 Steps AA Companion. Can’t or don’t want to make a meeting? That’s alright! Take AA on the go. AA Companion comes with a sobriety calculator, the big book, prayers, promises, notes and contacts for support. The many features this app offers works to help you personalize your treatment all while retaining an anonymous profile icon.

I Am Sober. I Am Sober is a great motivational app to get you on track. It comes with a sobriety counter, a watch your savings tab informing you of how much money could be saved when not drinking alcohol, a milestones tab that congratulates you after reaching important milestones such as weeks, months, or days sober, sober clubs you could join, and daily notifications.

Happify. Happify is a great app for when you’re not feeling your best. No matter your feelings just hop on the app and it will work to get feeling better. Happify offers over 30 tracks such as conquering negative thoughts, coping better with stress, building self-confidence, fueling career success, etc. that work to get you back to feeling great.

Recovery Advisor. Recovery Advisor was created so recovering addicts had support systems all over the world. Expanding from your familiar AA meeting, Recovery Advisor makes it easy to keep a support system wherever you go. So whether you’re in Washington DC, Fort Worth, Paris, Rome, Portugal, Korea -anywhere at all- you’ll have a person in your corner to talk to.

This article was provided by the Forth Worth DWI Lawyers