App Review: Sir Octopus

I recently came across an entertaining app while looking through the App Store with my 7 year old son. Sir Octopus, is a game designed for children aged 4 and older that lets you take “Sir Octopus” through a maze to gather up all his kids.

The game is a lot of fun and quickly caught my son’s attention. Even better it kept if for more than just a few minutes. As you help Sir Octopus navigate through mazes to find his lost children you connect with each of his kids as you find them and they “attach” themselves to you while you go to complete the maze. However, as each additional child attaches to you, the tasks of completing the maze becomes more difficult.

While classified as a maze game, Sir Octopus is not a typical maze with a start and finish. Instead, you complete a level when you’ve successfully navigated your way through the obstacles and collected all your children .

At the completion of a level you are awarded starfish depending on how fast the level was completed. It’s the common scoring system we see in many mobile app games that lets you compete against your self and brings a reason to replay levels. Each level gets more and more complicated and difficult for you to complete. Scoring 3 stars on each is also more challenging.

One of the most helpful aspects of this game was that when you get to difficult levels and find yourself stuck and unable to beat the level, pressing the hint button on the top right of the screen lights up the correct path for you to follow to reach your next kid. I’ll be honest, I used it three times in a row on one difficult level and discovered that these helpful hints are only free for the first 3 trials. After that, the hints are in-app purchase.


One thing to note though is that if you’re looking for a few more hints and aren’t interested in paying for the advice, you can gain a few more tips by liking the app on Facebook.

I really liked this app. In addition to helping Sir Octopus find his children the game also includes games such as moving stones through the maze. The fact that each level gets a bit more difficult is very entertaining and enjoyable and I look forward to seeing how far I can get without having to use my next hint.

With the current app being available for Free, I highly recommend it be included in your gaming options for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.