Motion Backgrounds – Sandy Beach 3D

About 8 months ago I moved my family down to Florida. One of the best things about living down in a tropical climate is being just a few minutes away from the beach at all times. I love finding excuses to work outside, especially during the winter months, and I’m not above sharing pictures of me at the beach with all my friends living in cold climates.

However, there still plenty of days where I’m stuck in my office working instead of outside or at the beach. I recently came across an app for the Mac though that seemed to bring a bit of what I love about Florida to my digital world.

Sandy Beach 3D is an app that transforms your desktop background into a living moving beach. The view is beautiful and the app is designed with additional features that include:

  • Music and Ambient sounds (This can be enabled or disabled)
  • Set the beach as a screensaver instead of the background of your desktop
  • Retina Display ready and support for multiple monitors

3 Plane Soft, the company that built Sandy Beach 3D have also developed living background apps that are themed around different areas of the world including Egyptian Pyramids, Dolphins, A Fireplace, or a Koi pond.

Sandy-Beach-3D Review

Overall, I’m a fan of the idea of doing more with the traditional desktop image. Incorporating movement and sounds can help you enjoy your work environment, even when you’re not able to get away to the beach.

The app was easy to use. Simply download it from the app store and launch it and your background will be replaced with a living moving beach. Waves come and go and the scene moves slowly while sounds play that give a complete beach feel.

Sandy Beach 3D is available through the App store for $.99. If you’re looking for a bit of relaxation and sunshine in your office, add this app to your desktop.