A New Study Shows the Most Socially Connected States

Months into social distancing due to COVID-19, all Americans have been navigating a digital lifestyle.  Everything from meetings to birthdays to dating has been taken online turning daily routines into challenges to connect.  On the bright side, Americans certainly have plenty of practice with social networking which they have been … Read more

Peeking Under Your Mac’s Hood with Secrets

One of Apple’s selling points for its Macintosh Operating System is “it just works”. For the most part,that is true. Things just work and you go happily along being more productive while OS X takes care of all that stuff Apple thinks you needn’t worry about. Not only is Apple … Read more

Time Capsule’s Hitachi “Server Grade” Drive?

The folks over at AppleInsider couldn’t resist opening up their new Time Capsule to see what was really inside. I think the most revealing discovery is the “server grade” drive is a Hitachi Deskstar drive found everyday desktop computers. In addition, these drives are used in Apple’s xserve line so … Read more

Time Capsule vs. Airport Extreme

Our home wireless network has undergone several changes. We adopted early to a pre 802.11n router provided by Belkin. I refer to those as the bad old days where our wireless signal would drop at the slightest hint of traffic. Eventually, we replaced our Belkin router with a new Airport … Read more