You Can View Almost Every Square Inch of the World Without Ever Leaving Home

We all have those days when we get tired of our Netflix shows and have nothing better to do with our lives, so we fall deep into the internet. From online shopping to endless scrolling, there’s really no limit on the variety in pages you could end up on to waste your time away. 

If you’re in need of inspiration on a genre of pages to explore, look no further. It’s not a new trend, but surveillance cameras are becoming more prevalent and higher quality as technology advances. And while they are a useful tool for regulating crime and safety, they can also be a fascinating resource for the average person to get lost in. 

For introverted people who would always cancel plans to stay in if the opportunity arises, digital people watching is the best way to explore without ever leaving your cozy living room. From famous skylines and landmarks to beaches and zoos, the sky’s the limit thanks to surveillance cameras. 

Kastle Systems recently analyzed the distribution of surveillance cameras within US cities. They found that more people may be watching these live streams than you may think. 

In fact, the top three live cams have racked up over 170 million views combined. This is thanks to the sights caught on Bourbon Street in Louisiana, Times Square in NYC, and the Miami News Cafe in Florida. Other popularly watched cams include Hollywood Boulevard, the Welcome to Las Vegas sign, and Wrigley Field. In terms of iconic American landmarks, you name it and there’s probably a website to view things as they are happening. 

While the most prevalent live cameras are unsurprisingly traffic cameras, there are also over 30 skylines and landmark cams each in the nation. Aquarium cameras are the least prevalent with only ten known streams to tune into. 

Seattle, Washington is the city under the most surveillance. There are 70 public cameras covering the 83 square miles of the city. So if you’re hoping to track down someone in the Emerald City for some reason, you’re in luck – it’ll probably just take a lot of patience and master sleuthing skills. 

Across the top 50 US cities studied, there wasn’t a single one with zero live cameras. Many cities such as Austin, Texas and Birmingham, Alabama had only one camera, but they were still represented in the surveillance industry. 

So next time you’re bored on your laptop, take that American road trip of your dreams. It won’t be quite the same without the road travel aspect, but it’s a great virtual alternative requiring minimal effort.