iPhone App – CryFace

I have a ton of pictures on my phone because I take pictures of friends, animals, nature, and of course my family.  One of the reasons I love to take pictures on my phone is that my iPhone is loaded with applications that let me tweak and adjust pictures at will.   I can make this a picture lighter, crop them, change colors, and now with the CryFace app, I can add tears to the people in my photos.  Gone are the days of having to be mean or hurt someone to get a picture of them crying.   The world is a better place, I guess.

The premise of it is very simple,  You take a picture of an individual facing the camera.  You’ll want to make sure that the entire face is facing the camera, not a profile view, and you’ll get the best results from this app.   The app lets you pick from photos in your library or take a new picture of your next crying project.

I took this to work and played around with it and the response was mixed.  Some of my coworkers thought it was great and entertaining, while others weren’t so sure about it.  Interestingly enough the coworkers that are still part of the “dating scene” thought it was great and played with it quite a bit. They were taking pictures of themselves and sharing it with their friends

How to Make a CryFace

Option 1  – Choose an existing picture with the face looking directly at the camera.  Once you select the picture the outline of a face is overlayed on the photo.   The aligning of the app is very easy.  The outline of each eye is placed over the eye.  The same is done for the mouth and the chin.  From there the app does the rest. The phone or ipad does not have to be connected to the internet to render the photo.  Wait about 10 seconds and wala… The person is now crying.

Option 2 – is to take a picture using your iPhone or iPad with the app open.  In doing this you will have an outline to fit their face the person into and from that the face can be made to cry right away.  It works very well this way.  The rendering of the picture is perfect. This method worked better as pictures were taken with everything lined up in the app.

CryFace App Review


CryFace costs 1.99 and there are many ways to share the photos of your friends crying once they are made.  Facebook, Teets MMS, and blogs are all a click away.  You can add text to the face and make it more personal.