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By Dan Hinckley

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I’ll admit that I was a bit surprised when I initially did research into finding the best way to clean your iPad screen and found that it was highly recommended to not use cleaning products. I had previously thought that a window or screen cleaner would work great for cleaning an iPad screen or even for cleaning an iPhone screen.

One of the unfortunate downsides of “touch” interfaces is that the iPhone quickly gets covered with finger prints, oil smudges, and small smudges of dirt. But, cleaning the iPhone screen is easier than one may expect.

How To Clean Your iPhone Screen

Like the iPad, it is highly recommend by Apple to not use cleaning products on the iPhone screen. In particular, cleaning the iPhone 3GS screen should not use products like window cleaners, household cleaners, alcohol or aerosol sprays. Like the iPad, the iPhone 3GS screen is coated with a oleophobic coating that helps make the iPhone Screen Fingerprint proof. Using the previously mentioned cleaning products may damage the coating and increase the number of fingerprints on the glass.

To clean your iPhone Screen:

The iPhone is a heavily used device and can quickly become scratched or retain significant dirt. the iPhone Screen’s coating helps make it fingerprint proof, but it also makes those fingerprints more visible. This makes cleaning the iPhone Screen even more important.

Best Way to Keep Your iPhone Screen Clean

For me, the best way to clean iPhone and iPad screens is to use something that allows me to put a little bit of pressure on the screen to help get the stick gunk my three boys have left on it from their sticky fingers. I’ll be honest in that since I have received a SQUEEGiT I’ve used it exclusively to clean my 2 iPhones, 2 iPads, and many other electronic touch screens. In full disclosure, SQUEEGiT does advertise on this site and has provided me with a free SQUEEGiT to test out but that doesn’t impact my recommendation of the product. We receive a lot of screen protectors and cleaning solutions to review and by far this is the best one we’ve received. It’s quick, easy to use, and leaves your device clean and looking like any Apple Product should look. Check it out if you need a bit of extra cleaning assistance.

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