How To Use Your Wiimote As Your Mouse

I came across an application that enables the use of your Nintendo Wiimote on your Mac. DarwiinRemote can be downloaded at Its a small application that uses both the motion sensors or the IR sensors to allow you to navigate around MacOS as you would with your mouse.

1. Installation

Installation is easy, simple download the file and drag it to your applications folder. You can of course launch the application from the dmg file if you’re not sure you’ll want to keep it on your system.

2. Enable Bluetooth
The Wiimote will communicate with your computer through Bluetooth so make sure you have this enabled. You should be able to do this by selecting the Bluetooth icon on your menu bar and clicking Enable

3. Sync the Wiimote to your Mac
Open DarwiinRemote and push the 1 and 2 buttons on your wiimote simultaneously. This will put your wiimote in discover mode and DarwiinRemote will let you know when its found your wiimote.

If you have problems detecting the wiimote or can’t connect it to your system at all, close DarwiinRemote, open it again, and try to connect the wiimote to the system again. If this does not work. Go to System Preferences and then to Bluetooth. Remove the Wiimote from the device list and then open DarwiinRemote and try again. I had to do this once and it worked perfectly.

4. Using the Wiimote
Once your mac and the wiimote have been synced you should be able to control the pointer as you would with you mouse by enabling mouse. The application gives you the option to do so using the motion control or through IR control. IR works best but you may not have IR receivers setup on your computer. Motion control is a bit jerky but is fun to play around with as the mouse follows the movements you make with your hand.

Overall, using the wiimote as your mouse can be fun to play with. The process only takes a few minutes and is as simple as clicking a few buttons. The ability to use the remote in place of the Remote Control heavily outweighs the ability to use the remote as you would a mouse.