Bento vs. Toodledo iPad Productivity

Ever in search of the perfect productivity app, I’ve been comparing Toodledo to Bento for iPad. Both are exceptional, but there’s a clear winner, in my estimation. In the interest of full disclosure, I’ve been a devotee of Toodledo for some time. Bento is a relative newcomer to my iPad. … Read more

Netflix for iPad

Simply put, Netflix and iPad were meant to be together. TV while doing the dishes and movies in the car, all without needing another device. Words can’t describe. Yes, little TVs and portable disc players do the same thing, but you need two gadgets instead of one, the iPad. Not … Read more

Disabling iPad In-App Purchases

The in-app purchase is a great, legitimate way for developers to earn extra cash. Trouble is, it can drain yours. If you’re new to the iPad or other Apple devices, you may not yet be aware of what I’m talking about. In short, when you install a paid or free … Read more

How to Justify Purchasing an iPad

You’re positively dying to get an iPad, but you’re playing it smart. It has to make good financial sense before you take the leap. Well, wipe off that dusty old bank card and get ready to swipe, because an iPad can pay for itself. To be fair, any tablet can … Read more

Buy a Refurbished iPad? The What, When, Why and How

To some, “refurbished iPad” means sweet deal. Others wouldn’t try it in a million years. The sweet-dealers may be right. What is a “Refurbished iPad”? It’s just like buying a used car, but better, much better. For a variety of reasons, people return their iPads to Apple. It may have … Read more

Richard Branson’s iPad-Only ‘Project’

Magazines on the iPad have been the same-old-same. If not the same, then reduced content, little reduction in price, and the same format we’ve seen. Project is a magazine that has changed the definition of content and the direction of price. Right now, the magazine is living up to its … Read more

Using the iPad WordPress App

Thanks to the iPad, updating your WordPress blog on the go is simple. So is the WordPress app, simple that is. WordPress isn’t the only choice in blogging platforms, but it is the answer for many a blogger. For functionality, flexibility, and personalization, it’s among the best. Slowly, the ability … Read more

The iPad 2 Has Cameras! Hurray?

We asked for cameras on the iPad 2. Apple threw us a bone and complied. But, why the alleged poor quality? Does it matter? Don’t get me wrong, Steve. We’re all glad you answered the call. After all, we can now FaceTime each other and do our part to keep turning back … Read more