Using the iPad WordPress App

Thanks to the iPad, updating your WordPress blog on the go is simple. So is the WordPress app, simple that is.

WordPress isn’t the only choice in blogging platforms, but it is the answer for many a blogger. For functionality, flexibility, and personalization, it’s among the best. Slowly, the ability to add content to a WordPress blog from portable devices is disembarking from the port. The iPad app is playing a big part.

Standing in the Gap

The WordPress iPad app fills a gap. If your iPad is your only portable computer, it fills a huge gap. In most cases, and for full functionality, the web interface is the only answer. The desktop or laptop is the only real option, because all of your controls on the WordPress Dashboard are there. Adding content is most easily accomplished on the main interface.

WordPress app navigation and text editor

The Safari web browser on the iPad can be used. In Safari, the full dashboard is there, just like with any browser, and most edits can be made. Adding content with the text editor can get a little tricky. Scrolling up and down inside the editor is cumbersome and adding images and video is darn near, if not totally, impossible, due to the tactile navigation that makes most iPad tasks simple.

Getting Closer to the Real Thing

The iPad app makes adding content a snap, especially if your away from your “command center.” The app’s text editor gives you the feel of working in your email program. The biggest drawback here is the need for some basic HTML knowledge, because there’s no little, button to push for thing like bold text, hyperlinking and the like.

Adding photos and images could not be any easier. Simply tap the media icon, choose your image/video and drop it in. Placement of media is limited, as is choice of image size.

WordPress app preview pane

The aesthetics of the WordPress app are Spartan. It’s a sea of gray and white, which I personally like. It’s less distracting.¬† You can, however, preview your post, which is invaluable.

The app is easy to use and the learning curve is short. It’s free at the Apple App Store, so there’s no roadblock there. Due to it’s potential as a valuable tool, it’s worth a try. The iPad WordPress app isn’t the complete package, but it’s getting us closer.