Should I Buy an iPad 2

I’ll be honest, I’ve already purchased an iPad 2. However, I still find myself wondering if I made the right decision. I’m sure that I’m not the only one asking this question. I imagine many of you reading this article find your self contemplating if you should join the tablet market, or if you’re already an iPad owner, if you should upgrade for what seems like just a few extra features. Lets find out together if I made the right decision, and if you should join me and go out and buy an iPad today.

Should I Buy an iPad?

If you haven’t already decided if you should buy a tablet computer, and if that tablet should be an iPad, then you should consider the following things:

  • Do you need this device to do heavy loads of work?
  • Do you need a computer that is flexible for all market conditions?
  • Do you find small screens and “touch” interfaces difficult to work with?

If you’re answering yes to any of the questions above, then a tablet probably isn’t for you. At least not yet. What I’ve found from my use over the past year with the iPad is that it is the perfect device for:

  • Browsing the web on the go, in bed, or at the couch while watching TV.
  • Perfect for quick communications via email, chat, and forum use
  • netflix_logo.gif (554×257).jpg

  • As an entertainment hub. I use the iPad probably 2x to 3x more than the Xbox360 and Nintendo Wii in my house. These entertainment hours are filled with games, movie watching (Netflix), and reading the latest news and blog story.
  • Doing small amounts of work and document creation. Unless you’re using a bluetooth keyboard typing up a document on the iPad can take twice as long as doing so on a notebook or desktop computer.

If the description above describes what you’re looking for with an iPad then you’re probably safe to pick one up. I expect that you’d be safe with either an iPad 2 or saving a few dollars and picking up a refurbished iPad. But, if you already have an iPad you may still be asking What does the iPad 2 do that the iPad 1 doesn’t and is it enough for me to upgrade?


Should I Buy an iPad 2?

I’ve used the iPad 2 for a few weeks now. I ordered it online the day Apple made it available in their online store, but found myself waiting 7 days for it to ship and then almost 5 more days before it arrived at my house. I spent my time waiting for the latest tablet from Apple with the new iOS 4.3 update and probably a few too many hours of Angry Birds.

When the iPad 2 arrived and I opened up the box I at first honestly thought they may have sent me an original iPad by mistake. Once I pulled the unit from its box and held it in my hand I instantly noticed the difference others had talked about. The iPad 2 is lighter, thinner, yet feels just as sturdy. The back features the new camera and I looked closely to see the camera for front facing apps like Photo Booth and Facetime. I then spent the next few hours and eventually days determining if I made the right decision to buy an iPad 2.

Some of the main reasons I decided to update to an iPad 2 were:

  1. I run this blog and understanding Apple’s latest products help me answer questions important to our readers
  2. iMovie-2.jpg

  3. My wife and children are calling me more and more on Facetime, and my wife’s iPhone just isn’t filling the needs. I thought that the iPad with Facetime would work better for my family. I expect many of my friends and extended family will get an iPad over the next year or so and feel that Facetime will be an often used App.
  4. I love video editing and the idea of being able to do it on a screen larger than the iPhone, but while on the go, quickly attracted me to the iPad 2. Add in the fact that Apple made the mobile iMovie app Universal and I was ready to go with movie editing as soon as the iPad 2 arrived.
  5. My wife and I use the iPad for reading more and more, and it is heavy. The thinner form factor and lighter weight would make the device an even bigger part of our reading lives.
  6. Speed. I notice speed improvements and really appreciate them. Having apps open quickly, games run smoothly, and browsing web pages at “desktop” speeds is important to me. I felt that the iPad 2 would make all of the above a better experience for me and my family.

Now that I have had the iPad 2 for a few weeks I can look at my assumptions above and say that I feel like I was pretty dead on. The only aspect that I think I gave too much credit to was the Facetime feature. My Macs have even larger screens and are just as easy to use as the iPad for Facetime. The video editing features of iMovie are great and I can really see apps like this being the future of movie editing.

I’ve also really noticed the weight difference when reading books on the Kindle app, other blogs, and the latest posts here on Maciverse by our team of authors. The slight difference in weight really makes it a more enjoyable experience. And as expected, the processor updates on the iPad 2 have made it just that more snappy. If you notice small hesitations in your iPad and it bugs you, then you really should consider the iPad 2.

Upgrading Doesn’t Cost Full Price

The Other thing to remember is that upgrading your iPad shouldn’t cost you full price. There are plenty of options to sell your original iPad online or I bet you have a friend or two that wouldn’t mind picking up a slightly used iPad. I was lucky enough to sell mine to my Brother in law, cutting the upgrade cost more than 50%. One of the great benefits of Apple hardware is that it keeps its value.

If you don’t have an iPad, what’s holding you back? If you have one, are you going to upgrade?