SketchMee – Mac Photography Software

Apple continues to put more cameras in our hands. The recently released iPad 2 now features two cameras, as does the iPhone, and iPod touch. Lets not forget that Apple also includes a camera with each Mac they sell as well as adapters to make it quick and easy to move pictures from your digital cameras to your Mac. Apple understands that one of the most important aspect of our digital lives is our digital memories, most often stored in the form of photos.

Earlier in the year Apple also provided us with a Mac App store to make it easier for developers to reach Mac owners and for Mac owners to find the latest and greatest apps. Many of the most popular apps in the Mac App store so far are those related to Photography. One such app is SketchMee.

Like many of the best applications on the Mac, SketchMee isĀ Mac photography software that keeps things simple. Its simple interface and user controls are some of the Apps strongest features. In 4 simple steps you’ll be able to take your photo and add touch and personality to them with quick simple “sketch” editing.


To get started with SketchMee open the application and drag or paste an image onto the SketchMee canvas. Instantly, SketchMee will get to work translating the image into a sketched piece of art. From here you can alter the settings, configurations, and image area to truly create a unique sketch image from your original piece of work. When you’ve finished, save the newly created image to add your customized photo to your digital memory collection.

The options available for you to tweak as you customize your Sketch include Technique (black & white, color, and chalk or color pencil), Detail, Paper Type, Number of Layers, and Stroke type.


SketchMee is an amazingly simple photo effect app that helps you give a personal feel to your digital memories. Check out SketchMee in the Mac App store.