Microsoft: From Tech Almighty To Epic Catastrophe

Microsoft has been king of the desktop for nearly two decades. But then something happened — while the rest of the world found prosperity in the mobile revolution, Microsoft lost its way. Apple, in particular, revolutionized industries and changed the game for what a computing device could look and feel … Read more

Apple’s Next Move To Retain Music Dominance?

Music sales accounted for $1.24 billion in revenue for Apple in the fourth quarter of 2010. Sounds impressive, but it actually only accounts for a small amount of the overall picture. Apple, theoretically, could survive without music sales altogether, but it doesn’t mean that it is time to give up … Read more

Richard Branson’s iPad-Only ‘Project’

Magazines on the iPad have been the same-old-same. If not the same, then reduced content, little reduction in price, and the same format we’ve seen. Project is a magazine that has changed the definition of content and the direction of price. Right now, the magazine is living up to its … Read more

How Will We Survive The Post-PC World?

No, it isn’t the Apocalypse — and I’m sure the loss of life will be minimal — but the world without PCs seems like a terrifying thing. No more command lines, filesystems, customizations, and tweaks? Can we cope with such drastic changes? The PC is dying. But don’t take my … Read more

Game Industry: Adapt, Or Apple Will Destroy You

What do Rovio, Firemint, Gameloft, PopCap Games, Backflip Studios, and Spacetime Studios have in common? They are game developers that have taken the concept of a modern-day video game and rendered it onto a screen no larger than the palm of our hands. Oh, and they just so happen to … Read more

Japan Apple Stores as Disaster Headquarters

I’d like to think that many companies were as generous as Apple Japan was during the recent earthquake/tsunami disasters, but I’m not sure how they could be. With Apple’s unique store setup (room for lots of people, fast internet, urban location) making them ideally suited for being disaster relief headquarters, … Read more

Mivizu to Help Japan Earthquake Victims

The past 24 hours have been devastating to individuals in Japan and the Pacific region.  The Earthquake and Tsunami have impacted the lives of thousands.    Many organizations and individuals have quickly stepped up to offer help and show support for those that need it most.  One such company is Mivizu, makers of … Read more

Ultimate Productivity App Showdown: OmniFocus

Managing tasks can be a difficult thing for people living in the digital age. There is an incredible amount of information always seeking to distract us, causing a loss in focus. But two applications on Mac OS X seek to help us regain our productivity: Things and OmniFocus. Which one … Read more