Machinarium: Pointing-and-Clicking the Future

Machinarium, developed by the independent Czech studio Amanita Design, is a point-and-click adventure game that has recently landed in the Mac App Store (it had been released in 2009). If you enjoy point-and-click adventures, then Machinarium is the gem that you’ve been patiently waiting for. If you’ve never heard of … Read more

Discover Discovr

While this is a period of peculiar uncertainty for iPad users (to buy or not to buy, to upgrade or not to upgrade, etc.), we can all find the same certainty in the reliability of Apps available for us. The world of iPhones and iPads will change and consumers will … Read more

Miles Davis, Jazz, and Your iPad

One of the most frequent themes in writing about the iPad is the way that it continuously allows developers to present information in new and novel ways. The History of Jazz App is no exception to that trend. The History of Jazz aims to condense the history of that very … Read more

Your Own Well-Dressed Meteorologist

As Shaun has directed our attention toward the possibilities of sharing Apps purchased in the Mac App store, this seems like an ideal time to direct your attention toward one of my favorite Apps available. swackett, billed as “a different kind of weather app,” takes its name from parts of … Read more

iPad 2: An Essential Upgrade?

In his triumphant return, Steve Jobs announced the iPad 2 today. It was met by the normal fanfare of Apple products and enjoyed front page coverage on the New York Times’ website. Again, we are reminded that as much attention as Android products or the Kindle receives, Apple products are … Read more

Subscription Success?

One of the most promising features of the iPad was its potential to serve as a new kind of platform for magazines and newspapers. Previous e-readers had been hampered by their black-white-gray color configurations, but the iPad unleashed a wealth of color possibilities. Sure you can read the New York … Read more