3 Pieces of Beloved Boomer Technology Still Relevant Today

At this point, technology of the past is outdated so quickly due to rapid innovation within the tech industry. It’s almost like every other day, a new version of an app is released, a device is waiting for an update, or there’s an easier way to do something – like watching cable without an antenna – than there used to be. 

New pieces of technology and related innovation make older pieces of technology irrelevant. Innovation in the technology industry means that updates are released often for existing pieces of technology. Cellphones, computers and related technologies like iPads and tablets, cameras, and music players have all evolved over the years — but nothing like the rapid development of new technologies the late 2010s have seen. 

Take iPhones, for example. We’re on number 11 in terms of the different models released by Apple, and even then, there are a bunch of other non-numbered models of the iPhone like the iPhone SE. That being said, it’s safe to say that technology of decades passed is outdated. 

And for the most part, that is. 

Millennials can be blamed for a lot of problems, but something positive we can blame this generation for is the return of retro items. With retro items millennials have brought back to the forefront of popular culture comes a wave of nostalgia other generations like baby boomers will appreciate. It’s also fair to say Gen Z has done a great job of bringing retro and vintage items back into pop culture — though they probably don’t have much experience with the original items. 

Here are 3 pieces of technology millennials and gen z have brought back. 

Polaroid Cameras (or instant cameras)

Polaroids were like the current equivalent of a phone camera or Instagram. You had the ability to take a picture and develop it immediately, instead of bringing your roll of film to a local pharmacy to develop. Additionally, the retro aspect of Polaroid cameras is a fit for anyone who has an interest in vintage hobbies. 

Vinyl Record Players

And no, we’re not talking the Bluetooth kind. MusicWatch recently reported that most people who are purchasing vinyl players and vinyl records are younger than 35 years old. Vinyl hits differently, quite literally the soundtrack of nostalgia. 

Game Boys 

Game Boys were the console of the ‘90s kids. It replaced handheld games like tetris and more, including those games where you had to hit a button to puff up a ring toss and similar styles of handheld games. If you miss your Game Boy, there’s a new handheld console that costs significantly less than a PS4 or Xbox One, and it will be able to support your favorite games from once upon a time.