How To Enable And Block Pop-ups In Safari

Pop-ups can be a useful and convenient feature on websites, providing important information, interactive elements, and more. However, if pop-ups are blocked on in Safari, you might not be able to fully utilize a websites features. To enable pop-ups in Safari follow these few steps. Steps to allow Pop-Ups in … Read more

How To Set Safari As The Default Browser In MacOS

To set Safari as the default web browser in MacOS you need to open system preferences, select general, and then select the browser from the Default Web Browser drop down option. For detailed instructions or reasons you may want to change the default web browser in MacOS continue reading below. … Read more

How To Get Water Out Of An iPhone Speaker

Wet phones are no fun. Most iPhone owners are aware of the potential risks and damage that water can present to their coveted electronic devices. In this article, we’ll guide you on how to remove water from an iPhone’s speaker.  Why Is Water Bad For Phones?  Water can be damaging … Read more

How To Connect Your iPhone Or iPad To A TV

There are a couple ways to connect your iPhone or iPad to a TV. To do so you will need a few things: an HDMI cable, a Lightning Digital AV Adapter or a USB C HDMI Adapter (For iPad) and a TV with an HDMI port. Once you have all … Read more

Fix: Siri Only Playing Music From Your Library

Periodically Siri will only play music from your library and not search the entire Apple Music library. This can be frustrating if you’re used to selecting songs to listen to from through Siri. To fix when Siri only plays music from your library follow the steps below: Why Siri Is … Read more

Install & Boot OS X Leopard from a USB Flash Drive

Update: You can now find instructions on how to install OS X Snow Leopard from a USB Drive at Maciverse. If you’re one of those people that continually adjust system settings, make changes in terminal, and try new and experimental software then you’ve probably done something in the past to … Read more

How To Restore Safari Tabs

Whether you’ve accidentally closed Safari or recently restarted your computer, restoring Safari Tabs is just a few clicks away. Here are a few ways that you can restore your Safari tabs. Interesting Articles Restore Safari Tabs With a Keyboard Shortcut One of the fastest ways to restore recently closed safari … Read more

How to Screen Record on your iPhone

iphone screen recording via control center

While Apple has made it easy to take a screenshot on your iPhone with just the touch of a couple physical buttons, it takes a few more steps to record a video of what’s happening on your iPhone screen. To screen record on your iPhone: Open the settings app and … Read more