Opting In for Netflix on Your Mac

The Official Netflix Blog_ An upgrade to watch instantly on your PC – and Mac!.pngI’ve always been a big fan of movies. I enjoy watching them at the theater, the drive-ins, at home with family, on my computer, and even on my iPod Touch. And since I enjoy movies so much you can guess how excited I was with Netflix streaming library finally being available on Mac OS X.

In case you hadn’t heard, Netflix announced recently that they were releasing an upgrade to their Watch Instantly feature for both PC & Mac users. This was big news for us Mac fans because previously the only way we could take advantage of this Netflix feature was to do so through a Virtual Machine or booting directly into Windows.

Dropping Blockbuster

The news about streaming content from Netflix being available on my Mac, and the ever increasing price of online rentals through Blockbuster finally reached levels that made me decide to switch my movie rental service. I signed into my Blockbuster account, canceled it, and then directly signed up for Netflix.

Unfortunately, Netflix hasn’t turned on their upgraded and Mac ready streaming technology for all users. I was a bit surprised that they would announce the new feature and then tell people that they couldn’t yet take advantage of it. But it didn’t take long before Netflix announced on their blog how you can “Opt-In” to the new technology and watch video from their huge online catalog on your Mac.

Opt In to Netflix on your Mac

Thankfully, the process to Opt In to the new Mac ready features is quick and easy. Navigate to www.netflix.com/silverlightoptin , login to your account, and start watching streaming movies.

Netflix_ Netflix Movie Viewer.png

First Impressions

So far I’ve been impressed with the quality of video and how easy it is to navigate to find videos I may be interested in watching. I’ll keep you posted on the quality and added features that Mac users may see form their Netflix subscriptions. If you haven’t tried out Netflix, now may be the time.