Turn Your AT&T iPhone Into a Personal Wifi HotSpot

The big news this week in the tech world was clearly the addition of the iPhone to the Verizon Wireless line of smart phones. There is already countless articles describing ways for people to switch from AT&T to Verizon as many expect that the last few frustrating years of bad quality service on AT&Ts network will drive people back to Verizon. Another feature that Verizon has included to try and entice back old customers and convince individuals that the iPhone on Verizon is a better choice than AT&Ts iPhone is with their included ability to have Personal Hotspots that allow up to 5 devices to connect to the internet via WiFi transmitted from the iPhone.

ATT-iPhone-WiFi.jpgThis feature, which is common on many Android devices, is not available on AT&Ts iPhone but the ability to leverage your iPhone to create a personal WiFi HotSpot with the phone is quick in easy. The only additional requirement is that you have a computer, more specifically a Mac, to help you make this possible. But considering that most people connect to the Internet on Computers, this should be too much trouble for most people.

To create your own AT&T iPhone Personal HotSpot you’ll need to have tethering enabled on the iPhone. Once your iPhone is tethered via USB to your Mac then you’re ready to create your WiFi Hotspot.

Share your iPhone Tethering Over WiFi

To start sharing your iPhone tethered internet connection over WiFi and create an AT&T Personal HotSpot:

  1. Connect your Tethered Enabled iPhone to your Mac
  2. Open System Preferences & Navigate to the sharing section
  3. Select Internet Sharing and if checked, uncheck it.
  4. Select the Share your Connection From: option and set it to iPhone Connection
  5. under To Computers Using: select Airport
  6. Enter the AirPort options including Naming the Network, enable Encryption, and entering a password. If you’re having connection issues disable encryption
  7. Back at the Sharing menu, re-check the Internet Sharing and click Start when the pop-up asks for confirmation

After following the steps above your Mac should now be sharing its iPhone tethered connection through its Wifi airport connection to others around you. Join the network you created with the network name and password and other individuals should be ready to connect to the internet through your AT&T iPhone Personal HotSpot.

I’ve used this a number of times at my home when my internet connections have gone out, most recently when my router fried over a weekend and I couldn’t get it replaced until Monday. Air