Automator Tip of the Week #3: Convert Word Documents to PDF

By Dan Hinckley

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Automator_512.jpgThis weeks Automator tip of the week focuses on quickly and easily converting the format of your Word documents to PDF by creating a workflow and saving it as a Finder Plugin.

To create an Automator workflow that will take your selected Word documents in a Finder window and convert them to PDF add the following actions:

  1. Get Selected Finder Items – This will tell the automator task to grab all the items you’ve selected in Finder
  2. Copy Finder Items – This will allow you to backup the items before you perform any action on them.
  3. Convert Format of Word Document – Select Portable Document Format (PDF)

Save The Workflow as a Plugin

With these three action items you have everything you need to quickly convert word documents. To make it even easier lets save Automator workflow as a Finder plugin.

  1. Select File
  2. Select Save as Plugin
  3. Name the plugin and Select Plugin for: Finder.

Test Out The New Finder Plugin

I named the plugin Word2PDF and I’m now ready to test our new Finder plugin:

  1. Open a Finder Window and navigate to a folder that contains word documents
  2. Select the word documents and right click (command + click)
  3. Select More, then Automator, and then Word2PDF (Or whatever you named your Finder plugin

Your computer will then automatically convert the Word files to PDF.

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