Crossover for Google Chrome

After Google announced that they were entering the Browser Wars we discussed the lack of capability to run their new Chrome Browser in OS X despite the fact that Chrome was build on Webkit, the same engine used in Apple’s Safari.

A few days later we found that Google was allowing individuals the capability to try and compile the latest Mac and Linux builds of Chrome. Unfortunately it was a more difficult process and few people were successful in actually getting the build to launch.

Now, Codeweavers is giving all Mac users the ability to play with Google’s new Chrome browser through their Wine technologies. Crossover Chromium takes the Google Chrome browser for windows and combines it with wine libraries to give Mac users the ability to launch and browse the web with Google Chrome.

The most interesting aspect of this is that Crossover does not need to be previously installed on oyur Mac to run the browser. Download Crossover Chromium from the Codeweavers website and launch the installer. It will take some time on the initial setup configuring the wine libraries for Google Chrome but will launch the browser to give Mac users the Google Chrome experience.

Although it won’t display as Google’s Chrome in the menu bar, the Crossover Chromium will look, act, and perform in OS X almost identically the way that the browser does on windows systems.

While the visual effects mimic that of Windows, we expect the official Google Chrome release to look more like Safari.