Hints and Tips: iPhoto

iphoto08.jpgWith iPhoto 08 Apple included a number of enhancements and adjustments to the way that users view their photo library in iPhoto. Instead of having one library that stored all your photos, there are now divided up by Events.

I personally have found this a great enhancement to the organization capabilities of iPhoto. It was becoming more and more difficult to find the photos I was looking for and I wasn’t a big fan of needing to create an Album for each set of pictures I wanted to keep together.

Events solved that problem for me. And with that solution they also provide a way to keep those events organized in a way that makes the most sense to you.

Sort Events in iPhoto

If you aren’t satisfied with the way that iPhoto sorted your photos into events after the initial upgrade to iPhoto 08 then follow these few steps to get things organized just the way you want them:

  1. Open iPhoto 08 and select Events
  2. On the menu bar select View and then Sort Events
  3. From there you can select to sort by Date, Keyword, Title, Rating, or Manually. Additionally you can mark the sort Ascending or Descending.

Select the Event Picture

Now that you have the events organized the way you like, you may want to add a final touch to each event so that it really represents the pictures all grouped together.

Move your mouse from horizontally across the event to quickly browse the pictures included. Stop when you find the picture that you feel represents the event the best and hit the SPACE BAR. This will instantly mark that picture as the picture to display for the event.