And Yet It Moves – Review

Over the past few years, Apple Inc has dominated the mp3 player market, pushed the smart phone market to new levels, and defined the tablet computing market. During that time it has also increased its market share of Home Computers. Their simple recipe of solid hardware, excellent and easy to use software, and amazing design has come to define all products from Apple.

With astonishing success in the mobile app market, Apple recently decided to bring the ease of use for finding, purchasing, and installing apps to their Mac computer line. The Mac App store is quickly changing the way we interact with our Apple Computers. You see, for years, people viewed the Apple Computers as inferior hardware for games and other forms of entertainment. Most game development studios built only for the Windows platform or for entertainment gaming consoles like the XBox 360 or Nintendo Wii. But that quickly seems to be changing with the Mac App Store.

A perfect example of this is the hot new game “And Yet It Moves” from independent developer Broken Rules Interactive. And Yet It Moves is a unique game that gives you control of not only the main character in the story, but the world around him. Imagine being able to rotate the world around an individual, making the ground the ceiling and the wall a floor. All this is possible in And Yet It Moves as you use you these special abilities to navigate through a puzzle filled world.


Since starting the game, I’ve loved each and every level. Like most platform and puzzle games you meet new challenges as well as friends and foes as you complete your adventures. The game difficultly increases with each level and you find yourself using the “tricks” you’ve mastered in previous levels to defeat the puzzles and labyrinths in the game.


I personally really enjoy the graphic approach to the game as it complements the audio track to give a unique feel as you explore a new and different world. Overall, the only trouble I have with the game is at times I find myself continually turning the world around the character in a way that starts to make me dizzy. I blame this more on my lack of skill than on the game design and I’m sure as I continue to play and master the game controls this problem will go away.

The game feels like a perfect fit for a wide demographic. Its unique approach will spark the interest of older children and still be interesting for adults. This type of game is helping define the Mac as a competent gaming platform for all ages.

And Yet It Moves is also available on other platforms including the PC, Linux, and Nintendo Wii. If you want to check it out now on the Mac, be sure to head over to the Mac App Store and start taking control of the world around you.